Become a Reseller

Kickstart your 3D print business

We can help you kickstart your 3D print business! With more than 8 years of experience in this branch, we understand both the technology and the market. To make it easy, we’ve created a selection of filament “starter kits”, containing the most popular filaments. You can begin selling 3D printer supplies immediately! Here are the 3 easy steps to start selling.

1. List our products

Download our Real Filament dataset providing product descriptions, specifications and images. This makes it easy to add this information into your ERP system.

2. Register as a reseller

Request an account with us. We’ll create a discount-enabled account for easy ordering via our website.

3. Place your order

Place your order. We recommend one of our reseller starters sets and special items of interest.

Why jump into 3D?

Extra margin

The legacy print industry (and its margins) have been in slow decline for years, while the 3D printer market is exploding. Our filaments provide between 40%-75% margin per spool. This adds to your normal business!

Easy to add to your webshop or store

You will receive from us a complete filament dataset containing full specifications, high definition images, marketing texts and product descriptions. You can easily add this to every e-commerce website.

No technological knowledge required

3D printing is not rocket science. We provide complete support and have almost a decade of experience, technical knowledge and B2B supply chain support.

Full range and fast delivery

We have a full range of filaments and materials, which we continuously update with new materials such as wood- and metal-filled materials. We have a large stock and do our shipping on the same day from our Netherlands warehouses.

Reliable quality

Premium European quality. Our high quality filaments are produced in the Netherlands under the highest possible quality standards.

Good match

The 3D print business is an easy addition to the traditional print business. Be innovative and grow with the market!

Starter packs

You can easily test the waters with one of our starter packs containing the most popular products, and then later on broaden your selection based on demand from your customers. The space requirements are limited: a filament box dimensions are 215x205x90mm