Strong, semi-flexible and heat-resistant filament

Nylon is a very strong, weather-proof material that is very appropriate to use for printed objects that must endure a lot of stress. Prints made of nylon will also be semi-flexible and resistant to extreme temperatures. They will also have a low coefficient of friction and display a beautiful sheen.


Diameter Tolerance Roundness
1,75 mm 0,05 mm 95%
2,85 mm 0,1 mm 95%


Physical characteristics Test method Typical value
Specific gravity ISO 1183 1130 kg/m3
MFI - -
Tensile strength ISO 178 100 MPa
Elongation at break ISO 527 15
Tensile modulus ISO 527 3800 MPa
Impact strength - -

Thermal characteristics

Description Test method Typical value
Print temperature - 280 - 320 C
Melt temperature ISO 11357 220 +/- 10 C
Melting point - -
Vicat softening temperature - -


All the filaments we sell are nicely boxed with usage and material properties printed directly on the inside cover, including the recommended print and heated bed temperature ranges. In addition, each spool is vacuum sealed with a moisture-reducing silicate bag to ensure filament longevity.

How to store the filament?

Filament quality and storage is one of the most important ingredient for beautiful prints. Many people focus strictly on the immediate appearance of a product and forget that a well-preserved spool is just as important. Nylon filament has strong moisture-absorbing characteristics and should always be stored in a cool, dry environment.